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EMS Crying Towel! Liberals attacking social sciences


File:A small cup of coffee.JPG From New York Mag:

At its core, Galileo’s Middle Finger is about what happens when science and dogma collide — specifically, what happens when science makes a claim that doesn’t fit into an activist community’s accepted worldview. And many of Dreger’s most interesting, explosive examples of this phenomenon involve liberals, not conservatives, fighting tooth and nail against open scientific inquiry.

When Dreger criticizes liberal politicization of science, she isn’t doing so from the seat of a trolling conservative. Well before she dove into some of the biggest controversies in science and activism, she earned her progressive bona fides.

We should want researchers to poke around at the edges of “respectable” beliefs about gender and race and religion and sex and identity and trauma, and other issues that make us squirm. That’s why the scientific method was invented in the first place. If activists — any activists, regardless of their political orientation or the rightness of their cause — get to decide by fiat what is and isn’t an acceptable interpretation of the world, then science is pointless, and we should just throw the whole damn thing out. More.

Actually the scientific method was invented for way more real-world stuff than this overheated article would give one any reason to believe. But it seems social science is losing core friends now. If anyone still cares, stay turned.

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Hat tip: Stephanie West Allen at Brains on Purpose

News: At its core, Galileo’s Middle Finger is about what happens when science and dogma collide Galileo's middle finger. http://catalogue.museogalileo.it/gallery/MiddleFingerGalileosRightHand.html Zachriel
Maybe but I suspect its just MORE LIBERALS who do want racial/gender ideas about intelligence to be accepted and other liberals who don't. Its just they want bACK racial/sex theories in order to organize society as they want it. I am very suspicious, nay opinionated, that as long as its not mEN and white and WASP THEN racial/sex identity RESEARCH is fine if the right conclusions are drawn. They show me they never really wanted to raise up the AFRICAN but put down the WASP. So sudden;y its pC to oppose racial/sex research on intelligence. A pox on all their houses for 2016 and on. Robert Byers

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