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Antony Flew reviews — and rips — Dawkins’ THE GOD DELUSION


Antony Flew, formerly the most prominent atheist in the English speaking world, goes after Dawkins, his successor as head atheist:

The God Delusion by the atheist writer Richard Dawkins, is remarkable in the first place for having achieved some sort of record by selling over a million copies. But what is much more remarkable than that economic achievement is that the contents – or rather lack of contents – of this book show Dawkins himself to have become what he and his fellow secularists typically believe to be an impossibility: namely, a secularist bigot. (Helpfully, my copy of The Oxford Dictionary defines a bigot as ‘an obstinate or intolerant adherent of a point of view’).


As a former atheist I have tremendous respect for Flew. Publicly renouncing a longheld atheistic worldview in the face of ridicule and academic excommunication, even when evidence and reason demand it, is very difficult. GilDodgen
"This whole business makes all too clear that Dawkins is not interested in the truth as such but is primarily concerned to discredit an ideological opponent by any available means." I am glad that 85-year-old Flew found the energy to write this. EndoplasmicMessenger

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