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    AussieID says:

    I’m very pleased that this groundbreaking movie can be seen at home so soon after its theatrical release, and that many people who would otherwise had not seen it at the cinemas will have an opportunity of viewing and considering its points.

    Unfortunatley for the other 95% of the Earth’s surface, we haven’t had an opportunity to see it yet (grumble grumble). Although it focuses on the US and the specific nature of how Darwinism plays its ‘survival of the fittest’ in academia, the ideas are prolific throughout the west and insidiously work their way in all spheres. I wish Premise had been able to organise distribution earlier outside North America.

    Before someone says, “Just buy the DVD”, we work on PAL and can’t use NTSC-US regionally based products. I’ve already bought – and wear – the t-shirt. I hope we get the movie before the t-shirt wears out!

    Patience is a virtue isn’t it?

    Anyway, it’s fantastic to be able to get the message out there, and I hope the DVD just flies off the shelf. Spread the word …

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