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THE END OF CHRISTIANITY: FINDING A GOOD GOD IN AN EVIL WORLD is now at the publisher’s warehouse. The official release date is November 1. I’ve received the US, UK, and international editions. They all look fantastic. THE END OF CHRISTIANITY I just learned from the publisher that 2,500 wholesale pre-orders are in the system (the biggest being from Costco and Wal-Mart). Of the twenty or so titles I have at Amazon.com, this one is selling the best (go here for the Amazon.com listing). So the launch is looking very very good. Stay tuned for a fun promotional website coming down the pike.

PaulBurnett, Is your world so black and whit that you have to assume that Christians see only themselves as good? To a Christian goodness is relative to God's character. As such, none of us is good. CannuckianYankee
"CannuckianYankee" (#9) wrote: "Christianity does not end with ‘y,’ but with the final triumph of good over evil..." Does this mean that everything Christian is good and everything non-Christian is evil? Is your world really that black-and-white? PaulBurnett
I'm assuming that since this book is concerned with Christian theodicy, that 'end' refers to the good results of Christianity, rather than the faltering of Christianity due to a lack of veracity. I fail to see the significance of the very prominent period in the title. Maybe it's that there's something that comes after 'Christianity' that finalizes it? If so, then MeganC is terribly wrong. Christianity does not end with 'y,' but with the final triumph of good over evil, as the book's title further suggests. CannuckianYankee
We have a Brazilian saying: An image tells more than a thousand words... Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
The end of ‘Christianity’ is a ‘y’, not a period.
Ummm...if we're talking grammar and punctuation, the comma belongs inside the y's closed quote, not outside it. Just sayin'... Lutepisc
Where do u get the audio version from? NZer
Excellent, looking forward to purchasing the AUDIO version ;) Gods iPod
MeganC is just philosophically opposed to ID, right MeganC? Clive Hayden
MeganC, Now I see why you are a proponent of neo-darwinism. Does the black period compel you to 'infer' that the period is being pointed to as the end of the word christianity? LOL. Oramus
The end of 'Christianity' is a 'y', not a period. MeganC
Congratulations Bill, You are to be commended for the your work in getting the scientific truth out to the public, this web site being just one of your efforts. Since the public is being informed of the true science of life's history they can detect the b.s. in evolution and are abandoning it and embracing the sensible Intelligent Design. Hence, the hard work that you have done to inform the public is paying off. Publishers know that there is a large market since the evolutionist lost their academic monopoly to the free exchange of ideas on the internet. The truth has set us free from the delusions of the evolutionists. Many thanks are due to you. Peter

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