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An Open Letter to Karl Giberson


Dr. Karl Giberson
President, BioLogos Foundation

Dear Dr. Giberson:

As a professor, author and President of the BioLogos Foundation, you have powerful communication tools at your disposal. You have access to major media outlets and you speak with scientific authority. In short, you are a teacher with a very large audience. This is an enormous teaching responsibility which I am sure you take seriously. For this reason I want to alert you to a fundamental mistake which you and the BioLogos Foundation have made. Given the magnitude of your teaching responsibility I hope that you will carefully consider this situation and take the appropriate corrective measures.   Read more

I thought some here might be interested in this philosophy paper put up at the Evangelical Philosophical Society's blog: "Atheists Against Darwinism: Johnsons' "Wedge" Breaks Through": http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/EpsBlog/~3/jGpS_x5R0xM/atheists-against-darwinism.asp 13atman
Their science appears to be getting in the way of their theology; or is it the other way around? It also seems that they form deductive arguments before doing their inductive homework. I read Collins's book and came away with the impression that his Christianity is almost purely existential. His faith in Science clearly controls his rational self, but his presuppositions betray is "rationality," toc

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