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How the universe will end, according to pop science


<em>Coffee</em> Tins In an age where “science” poaches everything religious, yet another end-of-the-world story whistles into the box, this time via Benjamin Groggin at Digg:

The power of science has enabled humans to do everything from study distant galaxies to take high-res photos of Pluto. But one thing science has struggled with is understanding the limits of our universe, and particularly how it will end (or not end). To try to fill this gap in human knowledge, theoretical physicists have come up with a litany of possible ends for the universe, and they’re pretty darn interesting. More.

The ends are scattered all over the map, actually. Big Freeze. Big Rip. Big Crunch. Big Slurp…

Big everything but insight. And it says a lot about a culture that this sort of thing is regarded as science. Like, it’s fun, but…

O’Leary for News: Personally, when it comes to non-religious apocalypses, I’ve always preferred the heroic soprano riding her horse into the flames in that opera, Gotterdamitall! At least we knew it was finally over and could go warm up the car.*

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* On the other hand, for a serious and sensible treatment, see:


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