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Hugh Ross: Worldview implications of gravitational waves


From Hugh Ross at Salvo:

With access to gravitational waves emanating from both medium-sized and supermassive black hole binaries, astronomers will be able to explore new properties of gravity and general relativity. They will be able to determine in much more detail the formation histories of both stars and galaxies in the universe. These advances will lead to a more precise understanding of the cosmic creation event and the subsequent development of the universe.

Inevitably, worldviews will come into play, but scientific testing can and should overcome preconceived ideas. How did our universe come to exist? Was it by chance? For a fair-minded person, the understanding to be gained by these advances promises to remove any remaining doubts about the validity of the biblically predicted big bang creation model. More.

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I think all we are really going to learn from "gravitational waves" is some properties of statistics that many of us have long forgotten. BrianFraser
Ross is impressive. He and John Lennox are always a treat. Lennox is so grandfatherly I can't help but sit back and listen intently like a little kid. ellijacket
Dr. Ross has been on the front lines for years. Listening to him is always time well spent. In terms of pure intelligence, he might be the smartest Christian on the planet. Truth Will Set You Free

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