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Jerry Coyne: Templeton, science, and woo

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Further to Templeton Foundation’s attempts to make nice with Darwinists and where it gets them, Jerry “the inimitable” Coyne comments further on his anti-Templeton, no-accommodation-between-science-and-religion opinions stated there – strongly endorsing same opinions. He asks a darn good question too, “[W]hat the bloody hell does “progress in spirituality” mean?”

Ah, a question I can answer. The classical spiritual direction literature on this subject is formidable, but one might usefully start with John of the Cross.

However, where Templeton is concerned, the phrase probably means more grant applicants offering increasingly scrooier projects.

By the way, Coyne’s combox is quite the little hatefest, I see. If you ever wondered whether new atheists like each other, have a brief look. It’s harmful to dwell too long on such things, of course, but speaking for myself, I am glad these people are not Christians. Those attitudes, born again (and it occasionally happens!), quickly sink any “work of mercy” project. And there is a world of need out there.

Denyse O’Leary is co-author of The Spiritual Brain.


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