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Free stuff alert: Chapter of Michael Behe’s Edge of Evolution

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This point is crucial: If there is not a smooth, gradually rising, easily found evolutionary pathway leading to a biological system within a reasonable time, Darwinian processes won’t work. In this book we’ll examine just how demanding a requirement that is. (pg. 7)

No wonder that guy Behe had to be sidelined and disinvited.

Nice! Thanks. jstanley01
For your consideration: I offer a theory of evolution that supports ID but does not require: ...smooth, gradually rising, easily found evolutionary pathway... As follows: 1. Original DNA contained all the functionally specific information to construct all possible life forms. 2. The gnome is organized as a three part architecture. Library, Pointers, Arguments. 3. Replication is designed to copy the Library and the Pointers but combine the Arguments. 4. Replication errors (mutations) that occur to the pointers will result in large non smooth transitions. JLS

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