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Michael Ruse in Playboy

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This just in from my good friend and colleague on the other side, Michael Ruse:

At long last, I have been asked to write for a medium appropriate to my
talents – I am doing a piece for Playboy on science and religion – “Heff”
feels that the time is right – those of us who take the Enlightenment
seriously must stand shoulder to shoulder in these dark days – I am
privileged to do my bit for the cause (actually, it was not until I was
asked that I realized that Playboy actually carries written material other
than dirty jokes). Apparently I get paid somewhat less than a third what the
Playmate of the Month gets paid.

Michael Ruse

Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy
Director of the Program in the History and Philosophy of Science

Department of Philosophy
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida, 32306

“Nothing makes sense except in the light of evolution”

I suppose Ruse knows where his audience is most likely to be found. Darwinism ain't popular because of its verified predictions, but rather its theological implications. jaredl
He might get paid more if he threatened to take his clothes off. DaveScot
He gets paid almost a third of what the Playmate gets paid and doesn't have to take his clothes off? Sounds like a good deal for him... as if an article on science and religion will actually sell more copies. markbe
The caption with the Playmate of Month will read: "Is our Miss Novemeber the end result of the blind, purposeless forces of genetic mutation and natural selection or Intelligent Design? You decide!" DonaldM
What's or [who's] next ? let me guess, Michael Moore - would be kinda cool then we call it, Playboy Fahrenheit 911 or Ruse joins More in attack of ID and calls it Darwin-heit , i dunno one-one ? Charlie Charliecrs
Dr Dembski, you must write a rebuttal for publication in that magazine. Jesus hung out with whores, tax collectors and drunks in his teachings. Can you do any less? :-) EdH
Is Mike Ruse married? What is he doing hanging around playboy? Benjii
"Apparently I get paid somewhat less than a third what the Playmate of the Month gets paid" Yeah, too bad for Ruse that Playboy doesn't pay by the pound. His bra size might be competitive though... DaveScot
Dr. Dembski- I think you should offer a rebuttal article. Is Playboy a peer-reviewed journal? Nate
Apparently I get paid somewhat less than a third what the Playmate of the Month gets paid Less money, but a lot more coverage! kuz

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