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Denis Alexander vs. ID

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Denis Alexander is one of the more prominent theistic evolutionists in the UK. As with many theistic evolutionists there, he is not at all pleased with ID, regarding it as both bad science and bad theology. Some time back he wrote a brief critical review of my book The Design Revolution . He has since expanded his criticisms in a full-length article here. Some ID-friendly colleagues in the UK tell me that they will respond to this piece, and so, since time is limited, I’ll leave it to them to answer Alexander at length. Yet Alexander’s fundamental misconception in that longer paper is readily seen as well in his earlier, shorter critical review of The Design Revolution. For that review and for my response, go here. With regard to that longer piece, because in it Alexander looks to McGrath’s critique of scientism rather than to ID as the proper remedy for atheism, let me also encourage you to look at Claire Berlinski’s critique of McGrath (go here). [And yes, Claire is related to David — she’s his daughter.]

I've read about the British Jedi Knights. That slays me XD!!! David crandaddy
Benjii According to the 2001 cencus, 71% or so of British people said they were 'Christian'. 15.5% had no religion, and 0.7% claimed to be 'Jedi Knights'!! (I remember the internet campaign for Jedi's). However, the average church attendance in the UK is down to around 10% of the adult population, and only 33% of Britons stated that 'religion is important' in their lives. The US stands as the only developed country that is generally religious (60%). Greyshade
I was wondering because I thought christians were rare in Britain. Just curious! Benjii
Benjii, what does Mr. Rowell's religious beliefs have to do with ID? EdH
Mr. Rowell, are you a christian? Benjii
[I corrected the link in your earlier comment and added it to the ID links on this site. --WmAD] arowell
I am planning to do a series of posts responding to Dr. Alexander at ID in the UK. The first deals with his accusation of Deism. arowell

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