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New book: Buddhist weighs in and – you guessed it – the ground he stands on doesn’t exist

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The recently released Religion Versus Science: Where Both Sides Go Wrong in the Great Evolution Debate, by Buddhist University of Wyoming geology prof Ron Frost offers,

In Religion Versus Science Frost posits that the big mistake creationists make is to attack the evolutionary facts rather than the materialistic way that these facts are used to describe evolution. His goal in this remarkable book is to present a view of evolution that will be compatible with both the scientific evidence for evolution and the core teachings of the world’s major religions.After studying and practicing Buddhism for over twenty-five years, Frost became very aware that aspects of his mind occurred from outside his ego. He realized that acceptance of a transcendent aspect of consciousness tremendously impacts how one views the scientific evidence for evolution. Since Frost’s book is written from an unbiased viewpoint, he can easily discuss the role of consciousness in evolution without worrying about the problem of a creator – resulting in a theory of evolution that can apply to both theistic and non-theistic religious traditions.

Probably because the prof has, quite commendably, spent most of his research time with his head in the scree, he can hardly be expected to have noticed this: The whole point of the “evolution” project is to debunk any idea that “aspects of his mind occurred from outside his ego.” And, quite simply, evidence for that proposition cannot, by definition, count as evidence. The middle ground he seems to be seeking doesn’t exist, and on the most critical point, the Buddhists are perforce on the side of the “creationists.”

Don’t believe me, Prof. Frost? Come here and make your point at Uncommon Descent, then go and make it at one of the celebrated Darwinian troll holes – and see what happens in either case.

(Note: I wonder what “evolutionary facts” Dr. Frost is talking about. Just about everyone in the evolution industry knows perfectly well that most Darwinism is publicly funded stretcheroos. Their big problem is, most of the public knows it too.)

Professor Frost is unbiased from a Darwinian standpoint, perhaps, but he is biased in favor of Buddhism. This religion can coexist nicely with evolution as it does not posit a creator God as being necessary. Barb
The "answers" one gets much always be determined by the questions one asks, which in turn are determined by the axioms with which one starts. That is, one’s worldview cannot be escaped. The materialistic atheist (i.e. the "western-style" atheist, or atheist with respect to the Judeo-Christian worldview) begins with a worldview by the logic of which one must inescapably conclude with the “answer” that “I don’t exist.” On the other hand, the “spiritualistic atheist” (i.e. the "eastern-style" atheist, or atheist with respect to the worldview(s) of Hinduism, that is, the Buddhist) avoids all that foolishness by simplifying (and, perhaps, clarifying) the issue: Buddhism *starts* with “I don’t exist” as an axiom. Ilion

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