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Last week, I launched my new website, The website contains information on my upcoming speaking engagements and debates, as well as upcoming online meetings of my Advanced Apologetics mentoring group. It also features a blog, and links to the collection of videos available at my YouTube Channel. My interests that are covered on the website include intelligent design, as well as other areas relating to worldview and philosophy. Check it out here.

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    Robert Byers says:

    Lord bless. Its hard to get web audience on these things so figure out how!
    I enjoyed your thing on the atheist tv guy and about ID.
    I do think statistical probability alone disproves the fantastic claims of evolutionism. In fact its so fantastic impossible that one can , with same
    stats, imagine evolving lineages that are impossible by just making it up.
    Small stepism being used to explain biology can be used to explain improbable, impossible biology.
    Remember improbable fairy tales on rocky and Bullwinkle? If i got the term right!

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    kairosfocus says:

    JM, I must encourage you in your effort. Good stuff, and you clearly see the two-front war with the great western apostasy and the islamist geostrategic, ideological and theological/philosophical surge pumped up by oil wealth. I suggest, on Geopolitics principles, Africa is the continent in contention and the heartland around which much will happen. Where Israel and Egypt sit on the land bridge to the rimlands of the Levant and Asia; the Nile valley being the Sahara bypass — a pivot area. (And I think that was so all the way back to Ancient Egypt, they may have penetrated to Central Africa.) KF

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    Mung says:


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    J-Mac says:


    I’m not really clear as to what the main goal of your blog and your ministry is.

    Is it going to be religious in nature?

    Say, I don’t believe in trinity or that Jesus is God. Will you be defending such challenges based on the bible? Science? History?

    I’m just curious as to what I can expect from you if I go to one of your lectures or visit your blog.

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