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Tom Schneider, “Mr. Biological Information” himself and one of my critics, seems genuinely concerned about the welfare of my soul, though in his case he wants to help me find my way out of my religious faith. Here are two articles that he recently recommended to me:


For some articles that take a different tack, go here.

"The greatest obstacle to our peace and survival is the foolish, irrational, delusion that the Bible is "the word of God." No agenda here. nostrowski
Ingersoll was raving ignorance. I only read enough to establish that. Fields wasn't much better. Less ignorant, more melodramatic. I couldn't stand much. Schneider recommended this pap? He may have stopped taking his meds. Someone ought to check and see if he's okay. DaveScot
"And so ignorance created faith in the face of necessity. And God was born!" But this is 19th century atheist view in God and Christianity and shows fully intellectual bankruptcy of such critique. Reminds me on compulsory Marxist lectures that we have at school. I think Romans did better in 3rd and 4th century. Srdjan

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