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Doing the Piledriver on Saint Charles

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Of all the professional wrestling moves, the piledriver most profoundly signifies how I conceive of the relation between ID and Darwin’s legacy. Think of the following image, therefore, as a metaphor of the ID movement:

Bill Piledrives Chuck

Thanks again to Michael C. Fisher for his efforts to keep this blog entertaining.

2 Replies to “Doing the Piledriver on Saint Charles

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    Charliecrs says:

    Very nice pic!, i like pro wrestling. However, i would of rather picked the chokeslam move [my fave]:) . The title would of been “Prof. Dembski chokes out Darwinism!”

    pretty cool – eh ?


    ps – just thought of something else, wouldnt that be a great title for a book ?

  2. 2
    g arago says:

    Saint Charles?

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