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Toronto March meet features Krauss, Meyer, Lamoureux

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God, Science and the Universe Also live streamed on YouTube


Saturday March 19, 7 – 9 pm EST What’s Behind It All? God, Science and the Universe

A discussion of Evolution, Intelligent Design and Creation, featuring Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Meyer and Denis Lamoureux. Live at Convocation Hall in the University of Toronto. Sponsored by Wycliffe College in partnership with Faith Today, Power to Change, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and the Network of Christian Scholars.

What if I’m not in Toronto? You will be able to watch both these events live on the College’s YouTube channel. These are two great outreach opportunities, with world-class scientists considering major issues if life and faith. Why not consider asking some friends round for dinner and then watching the show afterwards? They will be excellent, and undoubtedly lead to lots of conversation about science, faith and the true meaning of life. More.

Questions like these will be posed to the panel:

How did the universe originate?

Does God play any role in the cosmos?

What is the relationship between science and religion?

Readers have probably heard of Steve Meyer and Larry Krauss.


Lamoureux is a Canadian U Alberta religion and science prof, and this story gives some sense of his approach.  There is progress  indeed if religion-and-science meets make clear that ID is not a form of  God-and-science, like BioLogos. It’s a question of evidence.

See also: What has naturalism done for science? Introducing “Science Fictions”

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Meyer is going to have his work cut out for him as most Theists in Canada are not receptive to ID. seaglider
Meyer takes on Krauss again, eh? Further reinforcing my theory that Meyer's next book will be on cosmology / fine-tuning. bloodymurderlive
The Krauss guy doesn't do the evolution etc side well. I've seen him on youtube and it distorts actual ability of evolutionists. Knocking this one out the park is not a big deal. They need real evolutionists who would know when they are being dealt serious opposition evidence. Anyways the more attention the more attentive is the truth. Its not science but a few conclusions made in the name of science that are opposed to the bible or the idea of gods fingerprints on nature that is the only issue regarding FAITH?SCIENCE. Robert Byers

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