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“Anti-evolution curricular challenges”


From Creation-Evolution Headlines:

If David Johnson is right, politicians put up with conservative efforts to put up anti-evolution bills only to appease their religious constituents. Johnson, a postdoc at Rice University, looked into the outcomes of “anti-evolution curricular challenges” in various states. According to PhysOrg, only 25% of bills under consideration passed out of committee, and only two states–Louisiana and Tennessee – succeeded in getting laws passed. More.

And all hell broke loose after people weren’t forced to just spout Darwin. Right?

No? Remember that the next time you hear from the Ivy League.

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Seversky They do nothing but decide scientific issues in yankee courts! If the courts or legislature are to decide something about creationism inclusion then they can't avoid making a decision. Creationism is banned so someone decided something. We don't liike error/even dangerous ideas to prevail in biology. This must changeSure there is dust being kicked up by a running ID/YEC revolution. this blog and your attendance is proof of it and proof you think there is a race. unless your just exercising What is taught in the science class should not be banned by the state. In banning creationism the state is saying its wrong. This is illegal in the first place. Anyways science class should not be controlled by the state relative to conclusions. Possibly the people voting could control but thats wrong too. Decisions must be made. Robert Byers
You don't decide scientific issues in court or in the legislature. Like it or not, evolution is currently the dominant theory in biology. ID/creationism are not even in the running. They are religious movements. You only have to read the words of Phillip E Johnson to know that. Teaching anything different in the science class is misleading to students and, for Christian teachers, a clear breach of the Ninth (or Eighth) Commandment. Seversky
Thats why there should be a greater inclusive agenda . It should not be to get creationism equal time etc etc but instead to attack and destroy the entire concept of state censorship. Reagan did not just try to slow down nuke buildup via the soviets but to eliminate all or almost all nukes between the two parties. A greater and historic attempt and result. Call all the tribes to attack state censorship in public institutions on all matters. This can be done because this was presumed by the founders of America. ID/YEC is just one more tribe. Robert Byers

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