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Remember Jerry Coyne claiming theologian wouldn’t release tapes of a debate Coyne thinks he won? Just in …

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John Haught is a well-known Darwinist in the Catholic tradition.

Original “Is this a big fat dogfight in the making?” story here.

Apparently, it’s now hit slashdot, with 938 comments there so far.

And to think we didn’t really care much … (Couldn’t they both lose?)

Under the circumstances, let’s just make Jerry happy by assuming he won. For us, that’s better than Haught releasing the tapes because there’s no downside to the fact that we don’t even have to listen.

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I've watched the two videos---one of the lectures, and one of the follow-up questions. It was NOT a debate. Haught made some very, very good points. He was measured and reasoned thoughout. Coyne, took the position that science and religion are irreconcilable, and attacked religion from beginning to end. Haught started getting a little heated with Coyne's tactics i the Q & A. In the letter, Haught says the reason he did not want the videos put online was because, basically, he didn't want to embarrass Coyne. Coyne's presentation lived up to Haught's assessment. PaV
The video has been released. I haven't watched it yet. I first read a letter that Haught wrote to Coyne. I think everyone here at UD would do well to read that letter: it's important at several different levels. In fact, I think we would do well to steer our passionate Darwinian friends to it as an aid in helping dialogue here. Here's the link. PaV
It's amusing how, sifting through the comments, a considerable number of them seem to immediately think Haught was a creationist. And according to Haught, this wasn't even a debate - it was supposed to be two guys delivering their respective views, not a direct attack on one or the other. I actually suspect the upside of this is that most people will think of Coyne as kind of a nutbag if they actually watch the video and see his post-event reaction. nullasalus

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