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Critical thinking about critical thinking


In the Florida Times-Union, Abel Harding tells us, “Florida Legislature poised to battle over teaching evolution in schools”:

Critics say that Wise’s legislation could open the door for teachers and students to challenge evolution, which they say is settled science.”You can have critical analysis of everything, but the idea that you should single out evolution for critical analysis is problematic,” said Joshua Rosenau, programs and policy director at California-based National Center for Science Education [the Darwin lobby]. “It’s recognized by the scientific community as the foundation of modern biology.”

Hold it right there, Rosenau. Which parts, exactly, are settled science? Junk DNA?

And does anyone really believe that Rosenau would be satisfied if critical thinking was also permitted on other issues? As if?

He also allows us to know,

“To prepare people to be educated citizens … they need to have an understanding of evolution,” he said. “To undermine that is a problem. I think it could hurt students.”

Actually, one thing that undermines teaching is the use of the school system for Rosenau’s cause, and the resulting backlash.

What students need to be educated citizens is basic literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and research skills, civics, health knowledge, and a broad outline of relevant history and geography (the latter so that they can interpret what they read in the newspaper). There is considerable evidence that schools are failing in these areas, probably because too much time is spent on other stuff.

One thing to consider: We face a tsunami of information these days, and learning how to find out what one needs to know and analyze it critically is usually much more important than learning individual bits of information.

Darwinists are against critical thinking for evolution? This is funny! How can a materialist/naturalist trust his convictions are true in the first place so as to think critically? They can't! Can atheists trust their own minds? - William Lane Craig - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byN38dyZb-k "But then with me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy. Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey’s mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?" - Charles Darwin - Letter To William Graham - July 3, 1881 notes; Materialism simply dissolves into absurdity when pushed to extremes and certainly offers no guarantee to us for believing our perceptions and reasoning within science are trustworthy in the first place: Dr. Bruce Gordon - The Absurdity Of The Multiverse & Materialism in General - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/5318486/ BRUCE GORDON: Hawking's irrational arguments - October 2010 Excerpt; What is worse, multiplying without limit the opportunities for any event to happen in the context of a multiverse - where it is alleged that anything can spontaneously jump into existence without cause - produces a situation in which no absurdity is beyond the pale. For instance, we find multiverse cosmologists debating the "Boltzmann Brain" problem: In the most "reasonable" models for a multiverse, it is immeasurably more likely that our consciousness is associated with a brain that has spontaneously fluctuated into existence in the quantum vacuum than it is that we have parents and exist in an orderly universe with a 13.7 billion-year history. This is absurd. The multiverse hypothesis is therefore falsified because it renders false what we know to be true about ourselves. Clearly, embracing the multiverse idea entails a nihilistic irrationality that destroys the very possibility of science. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/oct/1/hawking-irrational-arguments/ This following site is a easy to use, and understand, interactive website that takes the user through what is termed 'Presuppositional apologetics'. The website clearly shows that our use of the laws of logic, mathematics, science and morality cannot be accounted for unless we believe in a God who guarantees our perceptions and reasoning are trustworthy in the first place. Proof That God Exists - easy to use interactive website http://www.proofthatgodexists.org/index.php bornagain77

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