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An ID-friendly sci-fi novel


Here’s an intro to An Emergent Truth (2022) by Jeff Cregg:

On the eve of introducing the world’s most advanced AI quantum computer, its creator, Carlton Redmond, summons his old friend and journalist, Roland Caymus, to his office for a favor. Upon arriving, Caymus discovers Redmond has been murdered, his top programmer is missing, and Redmond’s AI machine has mysteriously malfunctioned.

RODIN is no ordinary computer application. It was designed to be the world’s first conscious machine and can easily out-think the best and brightest human mind in a fraction of a second. It is a creation whose very existence has the potential to change not just the world of technology, but what it means to be human.

Realizing the missing programmer holds the key to solving Redmond’s murder, Caymus sets out on a quest to find him. In doing so, he encounters RODIN’s cogent, authoritative, and thoroughly researched debunking of what Caymus considers to be unassailable science: the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis. And the machine’s hat-tip to Intelligent Design only fuels his confoundment. This leads Caymus to unwittingly embark on a journey of self-discovery that ultimately brings him to a confrontation he has been avoiding his entire life.


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