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All Nature articles to be free to view. But not to download or print.

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All research papers from Nature will be made free to read in a proprietary screen-view format that can be annotated but not copied, printed or downloaded, the journal’s publisher Macmillan announced on 2 December.

The content-sharing policy, which also applies to 48 other journals in Macmillan’s Nature Publishing Group (NPG) division, including Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine and Nature Physics, marks an attempt to let scientists freely read and share articles while preserving NPG’s primary source of income — the subscription fees libraries and individuals pay to gain access to articles.

A definite improvement on A definite improvement on, Just believe us, peasant. We’re Nature. (Hey, if you could AFFORD to pay US$32 for this, you would know that the multiverse is real and Darwin’s followers are right, and … ).

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Great news, News! From article:
Initial reactions to the policy have been mixed. Some note that it is far from allowing full open access to papers. “To me, this smacks of public relations, not open access,” says John Wilbanks, a strong advocate of open-access publishing in science and a senior fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri. “With access mandates on the march around the world, this appears to be more about getting ahead of the coming reality in scientific publishing. Now that the funders call the tune and the funders want the articles on the web at no charge, these articles are going to be open anyway,” he says.
Hopefully though their quality level does not decrease (any more) as a result, and somehow instead is able to increase. Gary S. Gaulin

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