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Before we get started: We only know we need editors when we don’t have them

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Here’s an example, captured about 11:00 AM EST:

The point of all of this is to investigate the $4 million-a-year meditation industry in the United States, said study researcher Willoughby Britton, a professor of psychiatry at Brown University Medical School and behavioral science at the Brown University School of Public Health. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), which funded the project, is concerned about untested claims by alternative therapy practitioners that promise huge health and wellness benefits from practices like mediation, Britton wrote to Live Science.

Gosh, it would help if they could spell. I am pretty sure they are dumping on meditation, not mediation.

Yes, there is a lot of government waste in science, but – as with advertising – we usually don’t know which half of the dollar is wasted.

The cost of the study in toto may be more than US$ 4 mn, so is that number right? As in, threshold of materiality? kairosfocus

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