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“Hijacking Science” — February issue of WHISTLEBLOWER

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Hijacking Science

Check it out here. Scientific hubris, especially with Climategate and evolution, has reached a breaking point. I expect the corruption of science will find increasing exposure in coming days.


Issue highlights include:

  • “What do scientists know?” by Joseph Farah, on the difference between a scientific consensus and a political one
  • “History of climate gets ‘erased’ online” by Chelsea Schilling, exposing the scientist who has altered more than 5,000 Wikipedia entries to hype the global-warming agenda
  • “Politicizing science” by Thomas Sowell, who warns that when government gets involved, “do not expect the disinterested search for truth”
  • “Science bulletin: ‘Sun heats Earth!'” by Jerome R. Corsi, who profiles the Russian scientist whose research forecasts global cooling
  • “We’ve been had!” by Walter Williams, who says climatologists “fed us lies, engaged in scientific and academic fraud, committed criminal acts”
  • “How government corrupts science” by Art Robinson, in which the veteran scientific researcher exposes the pervasive and powerfully destructive consequences of federal “help”
  • “‘Gun ownership as disease’ reaches fever pitch” by Wayne LaPierre, who shows why a study claiming firearms possession increases people’s risk of death is “goofy”
  • “OSHA head ‘could outlaw firearms in workplaces, parking lots across America'” by Bob Unruh
  • “Why psychologist group embraces same-sex marriage” by David Kupelian, who asks why the American Psychological Association promoted adult-child sex as harmless in its peer-reviewed journal
  • “Clueless doctor syndrome” by David Kupelian, who explains why today’s psychiatrists and psychologists may be hazardous to your health
  • “Top scientist finally admits abortion-breast cancer link” by Jill Stanek, who reports that after seven years of denial, a National Cancer Institute honcho published the politically incorrect truth
  • “Obama science chief: Abortion can save planet” by Jerome R. Corsi, who documents how science czar John Holdren wrote a textbook saying forced sterilization may become necessary
  • “Want to save the planet? Ban babies”
  • “The latest ‘amazing’ fossil find,” by Joseph Farah, who wonders why scientists claim their discovery that the octopus hasn’t evolved in 95 million years somehow proves evolution – instead of the opposite
  • “Politics rules bioscience, too” by Jack Cashill, who exposes blatant anti-religion bias at the Smithsonian
  • “Why academics embrace evolution” by Marylou Barry, who quotes top scientists and intellectuals admitting the truth: “I do not want to believe in God”
  • “The evolutionist’s comical dogma” by Alan Keyes, who asks why “dogmatic emotionalism” dominates the supposedly scientific inquiry into the origins of life
  • “On scientists and God” by David Kupelian
The mere fact that this is starting is significant. I expect more prestigious venues will follow. William Dembski
Worldnet Daily is the publisher? Retroman

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