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Large Hadron Collider disproves the existence of ghosts?

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Spooky Halloween <em>Ghost</em> Garland From Ross Pomeroy at at RealClearScience:

On a recent broadcast of BBC Radio Four’s The Infinite Monkey Cage centered around science and the paranormal, Cox had this to say on the topic:

“Before we ask the first question, I want to make a statement: We are not here to debate the existence of ghosts because they don’t exist.”

He continued:

“If we want some sort of pattern that carries information about our living cells to persist then we must specify precisely what medium carries that pattern and how it interacts with the matter particles out of which our bodies are made. We must, in other words, invent an extension to the Standard Model of Particle Physics that has escaped detection at the Large Hadron Collider. That’s almost inconceivable at the energy scales typical of the particle interactions in our bodies.”

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who was also on the show, pressed Cox to clarify his statement. More.

About ghosts, we didn’t realize there was anything like a struggle going on… About consciousness, now …

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And... they don't exist because......? KRock

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