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Not just science journals… plagiarism at Wired too


From RetractionWatch:

Last Friday, WIRED editor Adam Rogers got a direct message on Twitter that no journalist wants to see. Christina Larson, a freelance writer in China, told him she had seen overlap with her own work in a few WIRED stories, and included links to the relevant pieces.

“She was gracious, just asking for a link back in the future, said she loved WIRED,” Rogers told Retraction Watch by phone this afternoon. It was early morning in San Francisco, so Rogers thanked her for bringing the issue to his attention, and said he’d look at it more closely when he arrived at his desk some 45 minutes later.

It was the start of an episode that would lead to the dismissal of a WIRED reporter, and the addition of warning notes to four of the publication’s stories. More.

Paradoxically, the internet makes plagiarism easier to do and easier to catch. See, for example, The Internet is no friend to plagiarism, contrary to its rep as a garbage dump for ideas

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Wikipedia’s declining stats: The moral of the story is, creative disorganization is fun but it is still disorganization, and that matters. Co-ordinated smoke signals would be a big improvement.

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