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A Brave Editor’s Note

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In my post titled “Internationalizing Intelligent Design” I described progress in Brazil on advancing ID. Here is a follow-up on what happened there by one of my colleagues in Brazil:

Right after our article “O manifesto da SBG não clareia a controvérsia”
[The Brazilian Genetic Society’s Manifesto doesn’t clarify the
controversy” at: http://www.jornaldaciencia.org.br/Detalhe.jsp?id=27948
enraged Darwinians wrote to the editor protesting against JC E-Mail [the
Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science online daily
newsletter] for accepting our articles to be published. They labeled us
as ‘stealth-creationists’, people that don’t know what science is and
other names. They are quite worried that young students will take our
ideas as ‘truth’ just because they appeared on JC E-Mail # 2766, 05/12.

JC E-Mail editor, José Monserrat Filho, wrote this brave note:

Editor’s note:

‘Jornal da Ciência’ thinks that it cannot reject letters from its
readers. This is a democratic commitment that we have to fulfill to the

Criticism of creationism, in our view, is indispensable and has to be
always done by the scientific community and when appear texts trying to
defend anti-scientific positions.

We are an open space for discussion. As long as the words of the texts
sent are kept in a civilized level, there is no place for censorship nor
plain and simple disrespect.

The best way to carry on a battle of ideas and conceptions, in a journal
like ours, is to allow that they be expressed spontaneously without

We believe that the most consistent and convincing ideas will end up
overcoming. Democracy should not be just an ideal, it must also be a
practice. Daily and immovable, rain or shine.

José Monserrat Filho

Let his tribe increase! Meanwhile, I believe that letters praising his
oustanding attitude should be sent by this list.

In the eye of the Brazilian Darwinian hurricane,


Mais uma vez: parabéns pela equanimidade do Jornal de Ciencia y para o editor José Monserrat Filho. Daniel512

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