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“Sultan Knish” on the Cosmos remake

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Which I somehow missed back in March, when the snow hills were evolving down to mere piles. Here is journalist and commentator Daniel Greenfield on Tyson’s remake of Sagan:

Science has been thoroughly Saganized. The vast majority of research papers are wrong, their results cannot be replicated. The researchers writing them often don’t even understand what they’re doing wrong and don’t care. Research is increasingly indistinguishable from politics. Studies are framed in ways that prove a political premise, whether it’s that the world will end without a carbon tax or that racism causes obesity. If they prove the premise, the research is useful to the progressive non-profits and politicians who always claim to have science in their corner. If it doesn’t, then it isn’t funded.

“Science” has been reduced to an absolute form of authority that is always correct. The Saganists envision science as a battle between superstition and truth, but what distinguished science from superstition was the ability to throw out wrong conclusions based on testing. Without the scientific method, science is just another philosophy where anything can be proven if you manipulate the terminology so that the target is drawn around the arrow. Add statistical games and nothing means anything.

This form of science measures itself not against the universe, but against the intellectual bubble inhabited by those who share the same worldview or those who live under their control. It’s not a bold exploration of the cosmos, but a timid repetition of cliches. The debates are as microscopic as this miniature pocket universe. Discoveries are accidental and often misinterpreted to fit within dogma. Progress is not defined not by the transcendence of what is known, but by its blinkered reaffirmation. More.

Is Sagan public domain yet? Some of the graphics are cool.

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As for some good old fashioned cosmological research,,, Despite extensive analysis, Fermi bubbles defy explanation - Aug 01, 2014 Excerpt: Scientists,, have analyzed more than four years of data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, along with data from other experiments, to create the most detailed portrait yet of two towering bubbles that stretch tens of thousands of light-years above and below our galaxy. The bubbles, which shine most brightly in energetic gamma rays, were discovered almost four years ago by,,, the Large Area Telescope. The new portrait,,, reveals several puzzling features, ,, For example, the outlines of the bubbles are quite sharp, and the bubbles themselves glow in nearly uniform gamma rays over their colossal surfaces, like two 30,000-light-year-tall incandescent bulbs screwed into the center of the (milkyway)galaxy. Their size is another puzzle. The farthest reaches of the Fermi bubbles boast some of the highest energy gamma rays, but there's no discernable cause for them that far from the galaxy. Finally, although the parts of the bubbles closest to the galactic plane shine in microwaves as well as gamma rays, about two-thirds of the way out the microwaves fade and only gamma rays are detectable. Not only is this different from other galactic bubbles, but it makes the researchers' work that much more challenging,,, "There are several models that explain them, but none of the models is perfect," Malyshev said. "The bubbles are rather mysterious." http://phys.org/news/2014-08-extensive-analysis-fermi-defy-explanation.html bornagain77

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