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Tyson a bore, taking the fun out of science?

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Tyson - Apollo 40th anniversary 2009.jpg Remember, from last Saturday, “A lot of science writers are tweeting about duck sex now, so that’s a plus.”

Now, from Digg:

On balance, Neil deGrasse Tyson has done an immense amount of work raising the public’s awareness around science. But peel back the veneer of his good fight against anti-science and you’re left with something that isn’t exactly pro-science. Starting a feud with B.o.B. over why the Earth isn’t flat doesn’t promote science, nor does it “convert” non-believers. Endlessly tweeting about scientifically incorrect things in ‘Star Wars’ isn’t getting anyone to thumb through a research paper. More.

Gosh, Digg’s Cool score is pretty high. So is Tyson going to join Dawkins on the C list of retro science stars? Right now, the big news about Dawkins is, he’s not popular with the government of Turkey…

Who’s the next science superstar?

See also: Tyson wrong on duck sex? That would only be an argument against intelligent design if the system didn’t work well, but it does.

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I see this guy as not the author of his fame. Yes first I suspect its a identity quota kicking in at the top. The establishment pushes him. i see no reason to see him as someone likely to be accomplished in doing something to further human knowledge. So he is actually useful because his attacks on creationism jUST GIVE MORE ATTENTION TO CREATIONISM which will makes its case very well. Its like Brother Rabbit and the tar baby. long live Tyson. Robert Byers

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