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Asked by science watchdog: Why is Lancet — famed medical journal — into anti-science advocacy?

Sure, “anti-science” is a loaded term. So often, it just means inconvenient science or “unacceptable views” or revelations of ties that should definitely be investigated. Or whatever. In some cases, it can mean a preference for Wokeness over facts. We think that’s what American Council on Science and Health is referring to here.

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Will science media’s slow descent into the Woke crazy empower competition?

In a still-free society, Wokeness will create a space for a new popular science magazine. Lots of Woke-weary folk who value evidence over ideology would likely support it. That magazine should allow evidence-based criticism of Darwinian theory — which is treated with considerable skepticism anyway once you get outside the venue of the people who blew up SciAm with their Wokeness.