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Has the Smithsonian converted to creationism about crocodiles?

At the Smithsonian: Surviving crocodiles did not change throughout millions of years because they arrived at an equilibrium where they were efficient and versatile enough that they did not need to evolve to exist, reports the Conversation. Read More ›

Researchers: Why crocodiles have not changed since the dinosaur age

Researchers: The findings show that the limited diversity of crocodiles and their apparent lack of evolution is a result of a slow evolutionary rate. It seems the crocodiles arrived at a body plan that was very efficient and versatile enough that they didn't need to change it in order to survive. (They cite "punctuated equilibrium.") Read More ›

Vegetarianism arose three times in extinct crocodiles. Maybe six.

Note: Researchers: “It was clear from the start of the study that extinct species showed a different pattern, including species with many specializations not seen today. One such specialization is a feature known as heterodonty: regionalized differences in tooth size or shape.” Maybe the crocodiles had an arsenal of potential adaptations in their genes. Read More ›

You wouldn’t think crocs had a complex history but they do

Researcher: Transitions between land, sea, and freshwater were more frequent than we thought, and the transitions were not always land-to-freshwater or freshwater-to-marine. [Once they were really big, they could take over what they wanted to.] Read More ›