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Forrest Mims

Forrest Mims has a new paper in the works at Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

He was named one of 50 best brains in science by Discover Magazine in 2008, despite the torrent of bigotry over his non-Darwinian approach to nature. Read More ›

Professional skeptic Michael Shermer gets it about what’s going wrong at the new Woke Scientific American

It turns out, Michael Shermer has his own sad story about how he got dumped by Scientific American after a long career as a columnist there (since April 2001) — as he tells us in “A case study in how identity politics poisons science.” Read More ›

Rob Sheldon on Scientific American’s foray into politics, backing Joe Biden

I was a devoted SciAm fan growing up. I collected other people's old copies and had a collection going back to the 60's. Then SciAm was bought out by some big publishing firm. And my favorite column, the Amateur Scientist by Forrest M. Mims III , was cancelled because Mims was a Christian. Read More ›

Forrest Mims honored in dedication of new electronics book

Readers may recall that Forrest M. Mims III, despite his gifts in electronics and citizen science, was denied a column in Scientific American because he was not a Darwinist or a supporter of live baby dismemberment. Read More ›