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J. Philippe Rushton

At Skeptic mag: Colleague defends Darwinian great E. O. Wilson from accusations of racism

But again, wait. Racism wasn’t an incidental, culturally conditioned element in Rushton’s work. It appears to have been the point of it. If the great E. O. Wilson couldn’t see that, the likely explanation is that elements in Darwinism blinded him to what was pretty obvious to most of Rushton’s fellow Canadians. And why IS that? Read More ›

E. O. Wilson and racism: The smoking gun is found

Some have dismissed the findings but others say they fit a pattern. From Schulson's story: “I don’t really care that Wilson had racist ideas, because I know pretty much all of the people that I dealt with, when I was coming up through the science system, had racist ideas,” said [evolutionary biologist Joseph] Graves, who in 1988 became the first Black American to receive a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology. “Wilson was just one of many.” Oh. Read More ›