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Artificial intelligence: Machines do not see objects as wholes

Mistaking a teapot shape for a golf ball, due to surface features, is one striking example from a recent open-access paper: The networks did “a poor job of identifying such items as a butterfly, an airplane and a banana,” according to the researchers. The explanation they propose is that “Humans see the entire object, while […]

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Can machines really learn? Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor offers a parable

At Mind Matters Today: “Machine learning” is a hot field, and tremendous strides are being made in programming machines to improve as they work. Such machines work toward a goal, in a way that appears autonomous and seems eerily like human learning. But can machines really learn? What happens during machine learning, and is it […]

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At Mind Matters Today: AI is not (yet) an intelligent cause

From Mind Matters Today: A recent conference raises concerns, according to Science Magazine, that our machines may never be able to get wise to human deviancy. So-called “white hat” hackers who test the security of AI have found it surprisingly easy to fool. Matthew Hutson reports, Last week, here at the International Conference on Machine […]