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Researchers: Nicotine effects persist through several generations of mice, via sperm

In a study of mice forced to inhale large doses of nicotine carried large epigenetics signatures that affected their offspring: The result might explain why the experiments also found the male mice’s offspring—and grandoffspring—exhibited abnormal behavior and learning impairments. “Until now, much attention had been focused on the effects of maternal nicotine exposure on their children,” Florida State University’s Pradeep Bhide, who led the study, tells The Boston Globe in an email. “Not much had been known about the effects of paternal smoking on their children and grandchildren. Our study shows that paternal nicotine exposure can be deleterious for the offspring in multiple generations.” Kerry Grens, “Nicotine’s Effects Passed On Through Generations of Mice” at The Scientist Paper. (open access) Read More ›