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Pew Survey

Pew survey shows that in the US conservatives trust scientists less than liberals; Rob Sheldon comments

Sheldon: If you politicize science, people stop trusting you. It has nothing to do with “science” and everything to do with “scientists.” And the fact that the media spin this as a distrust of “Science” tells you that the distrust is well-placed. Why is this so hard to explain? Read More ›

New Pew Survey creates a huge middle on evolution

Actually, it’s not surprising at all. Pure naturalist atheists are not that common once you get off campus and a safe distance from the raging Woke. Most people would rather you think they were creationists (provided you don’t push it too far), which likely accounts for the drop in the second set, when a clear alternative for theists is provided. Some of us think this change in question is long overdue. Read More ›