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At Sci.News: Human Bipedalism May Have Evolved in Trees, Study Says

The "mystery" of "why humans alone amongst the apes first began to walk on two feet," and "why these chimpanzees spend so much time in the trees" presents yet another disconnect between the expectations of evolutionary theory and reality. However, both of these findings are in complete accord with the model of intelligent design, in which the Designer intended humans to walk on two feet and chimpanzees to spend most of their time in trees. Read More ›

At Sci-News: Moths Produce Ultrasonic Defensive Sounds to Fend Off Bat Predators

Researchers: "These ultrasonic warning systems seem so useful for evading bats that they’ve evolved independently in moths on multiple separate occasions. In each case, moths transformed a different part of their bodies into finely tuned organic instruments." Read More ›