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At Science News: Fish can recognize themselves in photos, thus may be self-aware

Cleaner wrasses may be self-aware, of course. But just as we would not conclude that a dog who flunks the mirror test is not self-aware, we should not conclude that the fish who passes it IS self-aware. We need to know what else the dog or the fish does that implies self-awareness. Read More ›

At Mind Matters News: Neuroscientist: We are closing in on the secret of self-awareness…

But then he turns around and admits that we are frustratingly far from understanding how it all works. His frustration is understandable. Read More ›

Researchers: Comatose people do show self-awareness

Michael Egnor: This study is consistent with the work of Wilder Penfield, who showed that higher-level abstract thought did not seem to arise from the brain in a material way. Read More ›

9: Will That Army Robot Squid Ever Be “Self-Aware”?

From the 2018 AI Hype Countdown at Mind Matters #9: AI help, not hype, with Robert J. Marks: What would it take for a robot to be self-aware? The Army Times headline would jolt your morning coffee: Army researchers are developing a self-aware squid-like robot you can 3D print in the field Reporter Todd South helpfully adds, “your next nightmare.” The thrill of fear invites the reader to accept the metaphorical claim that the robot will be “self-aware” as a literal fact. Although we could, for technical reasons, quibble with the claim that the robot squid will be printed in 3D, we won’t just now. Let’s focus instead on the seductive semantics of the term “self-aware.” For humans, Oxford tells Read More ›