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uploading minds to computers

Why we can’t cheat death by uploading our brains to the internet

It sounded like such a great idea, right? Robert J. Marks: Well, actually, that’s very interesting because I think there’s a presupposition on Musk’s part that we are indeed algorithmic. That we can actually be represented by an algorithm, by a computer code… There’s good foundations and algorithmic information theory and computer science, which suggest that there are indeed non-algorithmic phenomena and there’s a strong evidence that the qualities such as creativity and understanding and qualia, are above and beyond the capabilities of algorithms and computability. “Can we really cheat death?” at Mind Matters News Better read this before you buy your ticket to transhumanism. .

Jonathan Bartlett on why we can’t upload our brains to computers

The idea that we can upload our brains to computers to avoid death shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the differences between types of thinking. Read More ›