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Are most Discovery Institute fellows evangelical Christians?

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Recently, some commenters at one of my home blogs, the Post-Darwinist, have urged me to address the question of whether it is true that most Discovery Institute fellows are evangelical Christians.

I suppose so, except for the ones who are Catholics, agnostics, or Moonies or something.

Go here for reasons why the accusation is basically garbage and – way more important to you – the early beginnings of a list of reasons not to believe Darwinism.

many aren't just atheists but misotheists. Religion really bothers them which is why some of them have to bash Mother Theresa. ari-freedom
Are most Darwinist's atheists? toc
Is this not just the genetic fallacy over again? CN
Incidentally, "moonies" is usually considered a derogatory term for Unificationists. It's more widely used, now, even by members, but I've come to the understanding (when I've used it myself in the distant past) that they don't like it. marzioli
Touché Gods iPod
Are most Discovery Institute fellows evangelical Christians? Yes. It's also true that most National Academy of Sciences members are atheists. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. DaveScot

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