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Design of Life blog: Big Bangs in biology


Apparently, it’s not just physics that starts things off with a bang. Life forms have done that too, and with equal drama.

Mammals, birds, and flowers have their big bang events. But here’s the difficulty:

The science literature, as well as the popular science press, assumes that an adequate fossil record must show a long, gradual series of transitions from simple to ever more complex life forms, powered by survival of the fittest. That is what the Darwin’s theory of evolution predicts, and therefore it is what researchers are encouraged – and trained – to look for. When confronted by the sudden appearance of complexity, they assume that their evidence is exceptional, not normal.

In reality, the only reason we have for believing that these transitional life forms ever existed is Darwin’s theory. And Darwin’s theory depends on their discovery.

As we might expect, every so often, paleontologists do find an apparent transitional fossil. And there is much rejoicing in the popular science media that Darwin’s theory is confirmed. However, the overall pattern of fossil finds does not confirm his theory.

So what should we do?

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When confronted by the sudden appearance of complexity, they assume that their evidence is exceptional, not normal.
I think it's time we lend a helping hand to the highly evolved brains in the Darwinist camp. After all, we all share the same planet. Here's a plausible explanation: The sudden appearance of fully-formed organisms in the fossil record is not evidence that the theory of evolution is falsified. No Ma'am. You see, we live in a reality that conssists of an infinite number of parallel universes. By some strange combination of events at the quantum level, a portal to another universe is opened every two or three hundred millions years or so (this is a consequence of the quantum uncertainty principle and Schrödinger's dead cat). This, in turn, led to a flood of new organisms spilling in from a parallel universe. You see, those organisms had already undergone a gradual evolution in their own universe. This is the reason for their suddence appearance on our planet without antecedents. It's all very plausible accoridng to the known laws of physics. As you can see, there is no reason to invoke a designer. Of course, there is the little problem of falsifying this hypothesis but we're working on it. Mapou

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