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Contest Question 23: YOU rank order the Top Ten ID media stories of 2009


Every year, for some years now, the folk at Access Research Network have rank ordered the Top Ten intelligent design stories of the year. Due to volume, this last year, they were broken out into science news, media news, and 2009 resources. The Top Ten media news picks are here.

Right now, we are talking about media news stories.*

But why should ARN do it all? We’re not wizards; we just put our heads together once a year.

For a free copy of Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell (Harper One, 2009), the top rated 2009 ID resource, courtesy the Discovery Institute, explain:

1. How would you have rated the media news stories differently?


2. Are there stories that should have been on the list that are not?

In under 400 words. You can link at the comments box, so no need to reproduce swatches of copy from the original if you don’t want to use up your word count.

Here are the contest rules.

*The Top Ten science news stories are here and the Top Ten resources are here.


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