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Earn free stuff!: The Uncommon Descent Contest


Why just be a commenter when you can also earn free stuff?

Recently, I asked for and received 25 prizes, as follows:

10 DVDs of Expelled,courtesy the producers.

10 DVDs of Privileged Planet, courtesy the producers.

5 subscriptions, including back issues, to the excellent Christian/theistic science and culture mag, Salvo, complete with recent back issues, courtesy the editor-in-chief.

I will pose a question based on a recent news story, and ask for responses within two weeks. I will publish the winning response in a subsequent post.


1. No more than 400 words in response. I will select the response I find most interesting and print it as a post. Be succinct.

2. New ideas impress me, even if I disagree. Rants and myths don’t. Re abuse: Uncommon Descent is not competing for Troll Hole of the Year, so …

3. I will not correspond with anyone about the award. My In Tray is already a natural disaster. If you don’t win, try again. And who knows, if this contest takes off, I may be offered more prizes.

4. Update to Rules June 24, 2009: Entry to the contest gives implicit permission to repost the entry for publicity purposes. This update is not in response to a complaint, but simply for clarification. We sometimes repost to sympathetic sites.

The first question will come shortly.

Marcos, you win, we ship. If you live on Mars, be patient. O'Leary
Ms O'Leary, Thank you for the contest! I think the real prize is to have your essay posted. Actually, I would like to see the prize be a chance to make a post that is not the winning essay, but is some original subject. Please consider this idea. Nakashima
Will you ship it overseas? =P Marcos
*eagerly rubs hands together* angryoldfatman
I would like to submit an entry in the "preemptive essay" category: The New York Times piece wrongly defines ID, equates ID with creationism, fails to interview actual ID proponents in their article, and denies open minded authors an opportunity to review ID books. The good news is, their ad revenue is way down, they're going broke trying to compete with the Internet, and they're displaying their gross hypocrisy by threatening bankruptcy if union workers at their Boston Globe subsidiary don't cough up $20 million. Can you deliver my prize to a post office box or do I need a physical address? russ

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