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    julianbre says:

    When does it officially come out for sale? Just ordered Metamorphosis a few days ago.

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    bornagain77 says:

    julianbre, it is just a trailer for the book. Here is a short talk by Jonathan Wells, that has many elements of book in it:

    Jonathan Wells: On Francis Collins and Junk DNA – video

    further notes:

    Francis Collins, Darwin of the Gaps, and the Fallacy Of Junk DNA – video

    Reference Notes For Jonathan Wells’ Book – The Myth Of Junk DNA – Hundreds of Studies Outlining Function for ‘Junk’ DNA

    Vitamin C pseudogene refutation By Jonathan Wells – from appendix of ‘The Myth Of Junk DNA’ pages 109-114 by Jonathan Wells


    Theory Of A Deadman – By The Way – music video

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    Good to see this. It is high time that the myth of junk DNA was given a good slap across the face. And also good to see the many quotes (including as late as 2009 and 2010!) from the “knowledgeable” Darwinists affirming the junk DNA meme. Talk about a wonderful example of Darwinian assumptions being a clear science stopper!

    I would not be at all surprised to find that there is some true junk in our DNA, but to think that vast swaths, even a majority, of the DNA in a highly efficient and carefully controlled digital information storage, retrieval and translation system is junk is just ludicrous. What we have learned about non-coding DNA over the past decade is a beautiful real-life example of how Darwinism was a science stopper, while design proponents’ arguments about the likely function of those regions has proven prescient.

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    julianbre says:

    Thanks for the info bornagain777. Looks like I’ve need to buy it also.

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