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Evolution Emanation Seminars


All ID proponents invited (or not):


“Why People Believe In Strange Things” should be a fun one.

Borne, Have you ever noticed how Dawkins's "memes" are exactly like the "macrobes" that the materialists like Mr. Frost believed controlled the severed head in "That Hideous Strength"? Clive Hayden
A look at the list of speakers is enuff. Wouldn't pay 1275 cents let alone dollars to have to listen to all the bogus nonsense these dudes will be throwing out! I especially noticed this:
"Gain an understanding from Dr. Michod about the role of oxidative stress in triggering the development of sex, and the advantages and rejuvenation that genetic mixing and gene repair bring to life. Spend some time with Dr. Michod developing a uniquely biological concept of immortality, and you'll gather food for thought on immortality as an activity and process rather than as a state or continuity of an individual organism."
Which just serves to prove that materialists will literally believe anything and that CS Lewis saw clearly in his book "That Hideous Strength" when he described where materialist "science" is heading. Borne
I dunno. Sounds like fun to me. Sitting around the deck in a swimsuit, out of sight of land, with a group, including coeds, that believes existence is meaningless and purposeless, holding a drink with a little umbrella in it, as the full moon breaks over the horizon. I can hear the rap now. "Hey, babydoll. Nice bellybutton stud." (Swell chest out here.) "By the way, how'd you that 'Sex and Selection' lecture, eh?" Oh, that'll be $1275 well spent, no doubt about it (until their kid grows up to be raving evangelical, that is). jstanley01
How about the belief that there are a large number of universes (i.e. a multiverse). If it turns out not to be on their list of strange beliefs, I want to know whether there is a universe in which the conference fee is less than $1275. russ
lol I was about to say something along the lines of the same thing, Gil. Another one on the list of "Why People Believe In Strange Things" should be: the belief that humans do not have free will. Domoman
“Why People Believe In Strange Things” Like that high-tech information processing systems can arise by blind, purposeless, undirected material processes. I wonder if they’ll address that strange belief. GilDodgen

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