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US Pres. George W Bush’s 9/11-01 interview (as food for thought)

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[youtube ke_OgE_V6tQ]

(Please understand this i/l/o the context of complacency, attack and the lesson of Jan Sobieski. Ask yourself, in your heart is our civilisation worth fighting for given the likely alternatives (or, does it deserve to die . . . or be utterly “transformed”), and why or why not?)

Ponder, our geostrategic challenges, and how our underlying worldviews . . . whether or not dressed up in a lab coat . . . and deep-rooted perceptions shape how we act, whilst geostrategic realities (and some pretty ruthless operators out there) shape consequences:


Where do we go from here? What is the likely consequence? END

KF, Again, timely reminder loaded with serious warning. Thank you. Could not watch the entire video. Since I was a little boy I was raised under a socially established strong motto: "men don't cry". Well, I've realized that was a gross misconception. Robots and spiritually dead people don't cry. Men do. Matthew 26:75 Mark 14:72 Luke 19:41 John 11:35 Dionisio
There are some very intelligent people on this site who are good at seeing through a narrative running along side the evidence. Critical thinking needs to be applied to 9/11 and a good place to start is 'architects and engineers for 9/11 truth.' (apply the scientific method, the law of conserved momentum alone dictates that the official narrative is wrong) TRUTH and justice should be of concern to all Christians Stop putting your faith in the leadership structures that are heading us toward a one world government. DillyGill

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