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“The Great Debate” — Scott & Trefil vs. Sisson & Dembski

“Should public schools teach Intelligent Design along with Evolution?” Wednesday, November 2, 2005, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Tsai Performance Center, Boston University 685 Commonwealth Avenue Visit this page to view a live webcast of the debate: The Debate Participants: Affirmative Edward H. Sisson, Esq. Partner, Arnold and Porter, Washington, D.C. Mr. Sisson advised witnesses at Read More…

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Deteriorata vs. Designorama

Deteriorata (old National Lampoon song) You are a fluke of the universe You have no right to be here And whether you can hear it or not The universe is laughing behind your back GIVE UP! Designorama You are the product of design Every hair on your head is numbered You are irreplacable and Read More…


“The Compulsory Evolutionists”

Fred Plans To Devolve — Bacteria More Respectable by Fred Reed I read with what would be despair if I cared enough that the courts, this time in Pennsylvania, are again getting their knickers in a knot over Evolution. Oh help. There must be another planet somewhere upon which to hide.

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Favorable Court Ruling in California Lawsuit re Evolution Debate

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE on October 26, 2005 Citizens Have Right to Present Proposed Evolution Policy at School Board Meetings School Officials Must Answer in Court for Alleged Religious Discrimination Sacramento, CA In an important legal victory for citizens seeking to improve how evolution is taught in public schools, a federal judge has ruled that California Read More…

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“Not just an American phenomenon” — The recent Prague ID conference

Here’s a report on the recent Prague ID conference by someone on the ground from our side — quite a different perspective from the AP report that appeared in the NYTimes and elsewhere. On Saturday, October 22, 2005, almost 700 people from 18 nations gathered in Prague (Czech Republic) for a conference on “Darwin and Read More…

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More “Even-Handed” Treatment of ID at Cornell

Provine Talks on Intelligent Design Debate Defends theory of evolution October 26, 2005 by Brian Kaviar Sun Staff Writer From William Provine, the C.A. Alexander Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, gave a lecture entitled “Evolution and Intelligent Design” at Alpha Delta Phi fraternity last night. The lecture came on the heels of Interim Read More…