[Off Topic:] Baylor’s New President Being Neutralized?

A religious college that sticks to its traditions is not — or at least not automatically — guilty of intolerance. . . . What is going on at Baylor University when the provost undercuts the new president, John Lilley, by promising that he won’t be allowed to interview new candidates for faculty positions? For rest Read More…

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The entire protein household of yeast: 257 machines that had never been observed

And now for another amazing example of what natural selection can accomplish (or not): Press Release Heidelberg, 22 January 2006 The closest look ever at the cell’s machines: The first genome-wide screen for protein complexes is completed “To carry out their tasks, most proteins work in dynamic complexes that may contain dozens of molecules,” Read More…

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Surprising poll result in Britain: They’re almost as skeptical of evolution as we are

Richard Dawkins should be very pleased that his efforts at educating the British public have met with such overwhelming success. He has much to look forward to in his retirement: Britons unconvinced on evolution Over 55s were less likely to opt for evolution than other groups More than half the British population does not Read More…


(Off Topic) Comment Moderation

I made a new category “Comment Moderation” to explain the policy at Uncommon Descent. All I’m doing for now is collecting Bill Dembski’s previous statements on it in one place (here) and further stipulating that nothing has changed. 4/16/05 Comments about Comments 5/15/05 About This Blog 11/30/05 Why I ruthlessly edit comments on this blog

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Further indications that neo-Darwinism is dead

University of Pittsburgh Professor of Anthropology Jeffrey H. Schwartz has consistently swum against the neo-Darwinian mainstream, and this new 30Jan2006 paper in the New Anatomist with University of Salerno Professor of Biochemistry Bruno Maresca is no exception. The starting point of their argument is clear: Neo-Darwinism has failed and does not fit the evidence. For Read More…

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Herbert London on Cardinal Schoenborn

Science and the Church: What it means to question Darwinism by Herbert London Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, the Catholic archbishop of Vienna, recently caused a firestorm in intellectual circles when he made the rather obvious argument that Darwinism has many unexplained characteristics. The New York Times responded reflexively by suggesting that the Church was turning Read More…