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Theology corner: Why is the ID guy at the open theology conference a pork chop at a Jewish wedding?

Recently, a caffeine-deprived friend was grousing about the fact that ID proponents don’t tend to be welcomed at “open theology” conferences. “Open theology” implies a much more limited sort of God than the Immortal, invisible, God only wise of the Western monotheist (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) tradition. Now, it’s unclear to me why the ID guys, […]

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ID Media Blitz in the UK

Here are articles that came out just since last night on the challenge to Darwinian orthodoxy in the UK. It looks as though Truth in Science is causing a media storm.,,1958138,00.html

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Should professional societies issue position statements at all?

Take a look at Ross McKitrick’s recent remarks on the subject of position statements from professional societies: He argues against the practice of societies issuing position statements. This has direct application to the ID debate and the public statements issued by the AAAS, NAS, AAS, etc. Here are two particularly insightful paragraphs from McKitrick’s […]

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Book review: “The Language of God” and the language of men – genome mapper Francis Collins on his faith

Here is my review of Francis Collins’ The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief (Free Press, New York, 2006), with a look at the other reviews. Collins is a snapshot in time: the Christian scientist reassuring everyone that materialist science is no threat  – on the very eve of the big blowout. Some […]