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Vanity, Vanity, All Is Vanity!

In this UD thread, Mentok brought up something that, it seems to me, is quintessentially behind the ID versus materialism controversy: Is there, ultimately, any purpose or meaning behind anything, especially our lives? With thanks to William Lane Craig, the author of Ecclesiastes, and Carl Sagan, I offer the following:

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There are more things in heaven and earth, Paul, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

It’s funny how Paul Myers, Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott, et al say that evolution isn’t about religion yet you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one of their rants on religion. But that’s not the point of this article. I have a problem with these people in that they arbitrarily limit what science can Read More…

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Junk DNA that isn’t

I suspect that the “junk DNA” hypothesis was originally made on explicitly Darwinian grounds. Can someone provide chapter and verse? Clearly, in the absence of the Darwinian interpretation, the default assumption would have been that repetitive nucleotide sequences must have some unknown function. Source: University of Iowa Date: November 21, 2006 From Scientists Explore Read More…

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Skeptic Paul Kurtz founds Darwinist think-tank in DC

Obviously this new think-tank is not about science as such but about pushing a materialistic, Darwin-undergirded conception of science. Question: Did Kurtz ever get the memo from the NCSE that evolution is religiously neutral? Mission statement: A Global Federation committed to science, reason, free inquiry, secularism, and planetary ethics Source: By Center for Inquiry Read More…

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Hitler as social Darwinist?: Another salvo in the controversy

Over the past few months,  The Post-Darwinist has been host to quite the little controversy over whether Hitler was a social Darwinist or a creationist. If you want to pursue that in detail, try “Does Darwinism devalue human life?” (July 2, 2006) What did Hitler believe abut evolution? (September 2006) “Hitler as a Darwinist: Prof accused Read More…

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Would Larry Moran have flunked a famous creationist from his school? Maciej Giertych’s letter published in Nature

Professor Larry Moran demanded pro-ID and pro-Creation students at universities be flunked. See Larry Moran — Will the real idiot please stand up? Would Moran destroy the careers of aspiring scientists who make positive contributions to society — all this in the name of Moran’s dogmatism? It turns out one of the PhD alumni in Read More…

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O’Leary responds to a friend’s note re Larry Moran’s “flunk all ID-friendly students” proposal

You wrote: “‘flunk all the IDiots and make room for smart students’ … is clear-cut viewpoint discrimination.” It’s more than that. The Darwinists know as well as anyone else how little good evidence exists for their current position* – which is much more far-reaching than Darwin’s original position, as their current position posits that the Read More…

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Religiosity and Intelligence

Richard T. Hughes (whose accomplishments other than being an ATBC poster child remain unknown) writes on religiosity and intelligence in response to Dembski: Already been done, Bill: Numerous studies and meta-studies show that theistic belief is negatively correlated with IQ. I am fascinated by the causation aspect. Thick because they’re fundies? Fundies ’cause Read More…