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The latest from O’Leary’s non-materialist neuroscience blog Mindful Hack

… what about Dolly the sheep? New vaccines? The chess computer? New antibiotics? Alternative energy sources? Yes, all these discoveries are exciting, but, as Horgan notes, they depend on existing science. They do not forge new frontiers in our understanding of our world. Science journalist John Horgan created a minor stir a decade ago with […]

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Irreducible Complexity in Mathematics, Physics and Biology

There is a new paper on Irreducible Complexity by renowned mathematician Gregory Chaitin: The Halting Probability Omega: Irreducible Complexity in Pure Mathematics Milan Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 75, 2007. Ω is an extreme case of total lawlessness; in effect, it shows that God plays dice in pure mathematics. On the surface Chaitin’s notion of Irreducible […]

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“there is a strangeness in the air”, a quasi ID-friendly essay in Dennett and Hofstadter’s 1981 book on intelligence

In 1981 Dennett and Hofstadter edited a compilation of essays entitled The Mind’s I: Fantasies and Reflections on Self & Soul . The book is a compilation of essays by Dawkins, Morowitz, Searle, Alan Turing, and several other big names on the nature of mind and intelligence. Since ID implies a mind of some sort, […]

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Classic Darwinian Texts — (soon to be, if not already) On the Ash Heap of History

I just pulled out my 1972 edition of Jacques Monod’s “classic” work, Chance and Necessity, subtitled A Philosophy for a Universe without Causality. From the back cover: The outstanding French biochemist, winner of the Nobel Prize, here explains to the layman his revolutionary approach to genetics and its far-reaching ethical and philosophical implications. For some […]

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J. Scott Turner in the Chronicle of Higher Education — ID is asking the right questions!

The ‘POINT OF VIEW’ article on p. B20 of the 19Jan07 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education is entitled, “Why Can’t We Discuss Intelligent Design?” The author is J. Scott Turner, Associate Professor of Biology at SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry. The by-line states, “His latest book, The Tinkerer’s Accomplice: How Design […]

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“Irreducible Complicity: Disappointing Darwin” by Roddy Bullock

Irreducible Complicity: Disappointing Darwin by Roddy Bullock Question: What do you call a person who hypothesizes an unseen intelligent being and searches outer space for confirming material evidence? Answer: A scientist. Question: What do you call a person who hypothesizes an unseen intelligent being and searches inner space for confirming material evidence? Answer: A religious […]

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When Arrogance and Stupidity Collide

Rubbish like this should steel us to work doubly hard to put these people out of business. Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism & Intelligent Design Cambridge House Press, Inc. (release date 02.28.07) By Barrett Brown, Jon P. Alston Book Description What is creationism? Is it science, theology, both, neither? Who’s behind it? What does […]

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Why “You Evolved, Darnit!” Is Bad Ed. Policy

Do you believe in ‘individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace’? These are some of the CATO Institute’s principles, and if you agree, then you may well agree with Andrew J. Coulson’s latest pronouncement regarding mandated school policies, not the least of which is prohibiting the mere mention of alternate scientific theories of origins, […]